Steps to get approved fast with CPA Networks

If you’re brand new to CPA offers/networks (Cost Per

Action) you’ve probably attempted to sign-up to an CPA

Network and your application was unfortunately


Please don’t give up yet.

To get you going as fast as possible please take the

time to sign-up to EVERY network listed above.

While some of them might refuse your application other

network will approve your application.

Don’t put your eggs in the same basket.

Step #1. Complete the application in full. Do not skip

any sections even if it’s not required. If a section does

not apply to your situation simply write N/A (Not


Incomplete applications are the main reasons why CPA

network applications are denied.

Step #2. Your affiliate manager may have more

questions to ask regards your application. You will

probably receive a call from your affiliate manager.

Answer the phone!!

So many applications have been denied just because

people do not respond to the email or phone call...


The application is then considered incomplete and

rejected instantly.

If you miss the call for any reasons, I recommend

calling your affiliate manager directly as soon as


Step #3. Make sure you have a basic but good looking

blog and an email account. Do not use free blog like

blogger or Gmail/yahoo email accounts.

You must own the website.

Use the email address you will have setup in your

website cpanel (IE: ).

Your blog must be organized and contain relevant


Use article directories such to obtain free content for your blog. Post 2-3 article related to movies or at least in the entertainment niche.

Make sure to leave all the bio boxes with the article to

prevent copyright infringement.

Once your are approved.. simply do your redirection

without touching the content… if you need the website

again for sign-in up to another network, just remove

the redirection and give the new network the address of

your website.

Step #4. Be yourself but a little bit more professional.

Be relax. If you are nervous and have a mind block on

a question ask him to repeat his question.

Looks more professional. Have a pen and paper

available near you to take notes.

Step #5. Be honest on how you plan to market the

CPA offers. The affiliate manager is looking for people

who can bring quality traffic to their offers.

Tell him that you plan to use those, but not limited to,

methods to drive traffic to the offers: email marketing,

video marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), blog, etc.

Inform the affiliate manager that you will be using

Media Buy such as PPC, Forum Marketing, Facebook

Ads, Google banner ads with content network with

direct linking and your website will not be an issue.

This simply means that your Media Buy campaign will

be sent directly to the cpa offer.

Step #6. Affiliate managers typically send email via

autoresponder to respond to your application.

Locate the phone number and call your affiliate

manager asap. If you can’t find the phone number try

to find it on the cpa network website.

Be prepare to receive a phone call from the affiliate

network to verify the information you’ve provided on

your application.

If you did not reach the affiliate manager over the

phone leave a message with your contact info and tell

him that you will call back later, be proactive.

Once you got the affiliate manager over the phone.

Smile! It will help you to be more “cool” your

conversation should begin like this:

“Hello, (his/her name). I just completed an

application on your cpa network and would like to

speak to you about getting my application


I would like to start directing targeted traffic to

your CPA offers as soon as possible.

I am already promoting affiliate offer but in the

form of digital product with clickbank mostly.

I heard that your network was offering high

converting offers and I would like to split test

some of your offer to see how well it convert for


Having an intro like that they will recognize the

language you are using.

The language of an experienced affiliate who are

serious about his business.

Highest paying CPA network to sign-up for

Affiliatewise $220/Lead

AffiliateWise is a performance-based internet

marketing network.

With unique and highly proven staff and

integrated networking partners give access to

literally millions of clientele.

They direct only targeted consumers to clients

utilizing their custom designed tracking process.

This proprietary system keeps conversions high

and risk extremely low, while remaining in

constant, real time control.

All of these allow them to provide measurable

and traceable advertising information and

feedback, mandatory in maintaining the highest

of conversions and cost effective advertising.

The Affiliatewise Network was built to monetize

advertisement impressions for its affiliates and


They have effectively turned this goal into a

reality by providing leading edge, exclusive

performance based offers with top industry


Eflow-ADS $225/Lead

Whether you are looking to expand your exisitng

client base or Top offers to promote on your

affiliate channel, Eflow Ads is here!

We have multiple years of experience to help you

achieve the highest ROI possible. We Offer: Top

Advertisers in the industry, Competitive Payouts,

Full transparency of offer performance and Most

accurate tracking industry wide.

Are you looking for high level branded offers for

your publisher channel? eFlow Ads is here to


* Top Advertisers in the industry

* Competitive Payouts

* Full transparency of offer performance

* Most accurate tracking industry wide

Habitat Agency $228/Lead

We own our Offers!!!

Custom Creatives on the Fly!!!

Highest Payouts

Highest Converting Offers, EPCs and ECPMs

Internal A/B Tested Proven Offers

Top Notch In-House Creative Team

Top Notch Creative Suite

Reliable, Fast and Easy Payment Options

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Top Tier Advertisers and Exclusive Offers

Ready to Go Mentality!!!

Dandingo $225/Lead

No more waiting months for checks. We pay Bi

weekly On time Every time!

We have verticals in most categories and all

offers are tested before they are placed on the

network to maximize ROI.

We don't just place any offer on the network we

only add offers that actually convert.

Dedicated experienced Internet Marketing

affiliate managers are available 7 days a week to

provide support for all affiliates.

OfferFusion $250/Lead

OfferFusion is a Seattle-based affiliate network

incorporated and launched in February, 2004.

We have grown from a strictly CPA banner,

search and email network to now include a wide reaching

coreg/hosted cpl side, a white-labeled

regpath platform available for implementation

into any registration form to help you to

monetize your new subscribers, a social

media/virtual currency presence, as well as

establishing reach in a number of other traffic


Currently, we have an active base of 140 cpa

offers spanning all verticals, with roughly 60-70

available for social media placements / social

incent that can run on virtual currency platforms

as well.

Additionally, we maintain roughly 50 active

hostable coreg campaigns at any given time,

from simple single-opt-ins to complex and highly

targeted full-form custom coreg.

We have a large available budget in hosted LEC

campaigns as well.

We'd love the opportunity to work with many of

you as we are always happy to welcome

professional, experienced affiliate marketers into

our network.

PointClickTrack $275/Lead

PointClickTrack (PCT) is a is located in the

Midwest, the Heartland of America.

But don't let our location fool you we are a global

company with partnerships in the USA, Canada,

UK, Australia and beyond.

Like our Midwest location we believe in Midwest

values and pride ourselves in striving towards

excellence through hard work and integrity.

With PointClickTrack we have taken the time and

effort to create an absolutely unique tracking

platform from the ground up.

We support server-to-server post backs and offer

a lead tracking API so you always have up-to-the

minute results.

PCT provides publishers with our very own

Custom File Gateway/Content Unlocker widget

which is fully customizable to fit your sites look

and feel.

PCT works with many partners in the incentive

industry and has been an innovator for it with

unique and custom creations and ideas.

We look forward to seeing YOU as our next

publisher so Join in - let's do this.

Ad Angler $277.50/Lead

AdAngler Private CPA Network has opened its

doors to quality affiliates and advertisers.

AdAngler is a new breed of Internet marketing


AdAngler was founded on the belief that affiliates

should be given all the help needed in order to


We offer publishers a number of valuable affiliate

tools to help them succeed in all aspects and

niches of online lead generation.

First AdAngler offers affiliates an exclusive

private super affiliate forum packed with tips and

methods to boost your monthly income.

AdAngler provides secondly an IRC super affiliate

chatroom for any questions missed in our training


Third, AdAngler offers both affiliates and

advertisers free creative services to help attract

more visitors that can be converted into valid

leads for our clients.

AdAngler's private affiliates have many more

perks such as a unbeatable referral program.

$500 for any affiliate that reaches $5000 in


AdAngler also provides all affiliates with hundreds

of affiliate programs to choose from including

many exclusive programs only available to

AdAngler affiliates.

Check out AdAngler's contests every month for a

chance to score sweet prizes and cash by

producing leads on select offers.

AdAngler also has a very competitive rewards

program where affiliates can get cash loaded on

to an Exclusive AdAngler prepaid debt card for

monthly earnings acquired.

CpaDna $280/Lead

Tired of networks approaching you with rebrokered


It's time you climb the affiliate food chain and

partner with CPA DNA! We are THE go-to network

for legitimate brand name campaigns that


We work hand in hand with the largest Ad

Agencies and Fortune 500 companies in the world

to deliver leads and sales that keep our clients

coming back.

CPAway $288/Lead

Online Performance Marketing at its best!

Welcome to CPAway! CPAway is a performance

marketing affilate network, built on a rock solid

foundation of integrity and honesty.

If you are looking for campaigns to promote on

your website, help fill existing ad inventory, or

need help driving traffic to one of your websites,

CPAway is for you!

CPAway delivers the highest converting

campaigns with the industries best payouts.

We have over 200 exclusive offers where we are

the agency of record with the advertisers.

Check out some of the great benefits our current

affiliates receive and signup for your own

publisher account.

Why use us?

* Create revenue through your website by

running our top converting campaigns

* Fast, Friendly, and Quality support

* Sub-id tracking and exporting

* On-time NET 30 Payments

* Earn more money through referral commission

and affiliate contests.

YeahCpa $289/Lead

YeahCPA is Different.

1. We are very selective on affiliates. However,

as long as you are part of YeahCPA, you will be

happy with us.

2. We provide awesome payout. Check the offers

we have in offer vault, you will find we are really


3. We work with affiliates and get any offers the

affiliates want to run.

4. Quick payout: weekly for most of our affiliates.