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Make tons of cash from advertisements on your blog

PPC–Pay Per Click is an advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and you are paid whenever your visitors click on the ads.Money is maximized as traffic increases.Sites:Google Adsense,Chitika Bidvertiser,Adbrite

CPM-Cost Per Thousand is an impression based advertising system.Advertisers place ads on your blog and you are paid based on how many times the ad shows up.All you need is pageviews and big traffic.Sites:Value Click,Tribal Fusion

In-Text Ads–They are links with double-lines below them.In-text ads should be used with caution because they annoy most readers into leaving the blog.Sites:Kontera,Vibrant Media

Text Link Ads–As the blog builds traffic.your posts become great place for links.people will pay you to put their link on your may be detrimental to your blog in Google’s it out before using it.Sites:Text-Link-Ads,Text-Link-Brokers

Feed Ads–An easy way to increase the advertisement on your blog is by adding them to your rss feeds.set up Feed…

Solve technical questions and earn $2000 and above

Several companies put problems online and offer cash reward sent by check/cheque to individuals or people who come up with effective solutions. A challenge pays a minimun of two thousand dollars.If you are intelligent in science and technology,sign up here- and receive tons of challenges daily.

Make lots of money by searching Google

Make money searching google and do some other things you love to do online.Earned points that can be used to shop online or redeemed as cash.i have earned $200 for search alone which i used at Amazon.
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Make over 200 dollars Typing Captchas

Automate your tweets using tweetadder software

List of best and high paying affiliate networks

Proven and Paying PTC sites into Liberty Reserve account

These 2 Paid to click(PTC) have paid me over and over again into my Liberty Reserve account without delay.LR is free to open and operate from every country.
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