Steps to get approved fast with CPA Networks

If you’re brand new to CPA offers/networks (Cost Per

Action) you’ve probably attempted to sign-up to an CPA

Network and your application was unfortunately


Please don’t give up yet.

To get you going as fast as possible please take the

time to sign-up to EVERY network listed above.

While some of them might refuse your application other

network will approve your application.

Don’t put your eggs in the same basket.

Step #1. Complete the application in full. Do not skip

any sections even if it’s not required. If a section does

not apply to your situation simply write N/A (Not


Incomplete applications are the main reasons why CPA

network applications are denied.

Step #2. Your affiliate manager may have more

questions to ask regards your application. You will

probably receive a call from your affiliate manager.

Answer the phone!!

So many applications have been denied just because

people do not respond to the email or phone call...


The application is then considered incomplete and

rejected instantly.

If you miss the call for any reasons, I recommend

calling your affiliate manager directly as soon as


Step #3. Make sure you have a basic but good looking

blog and an email account. Do not use free blog like

blogger or Gmail/yahoo email accounts.

You must own the website.

Use the email address you will have setup in your

website cpanel (IE: ).

Your blog must be organized and contain relevant


Use article directories such to obtain free content for your blog. Post 2-3 article related to movies or at least in the entertainment niche.

Make sure to leave all the bio boxes with the article to

prevent copyright infringement.

Once your are approved.. simply do your redirection

without touching the content… if you need the website

again for sign-in up to another network, just remove

the redirection and give the new network the address of

your website.

Step #4. Be yourself but a little bit more professional.

Be relax. If you are nervous and have a mind block on

a question ask him to repeat his question.

Looks more professional. Have a pen and paper

available near you to take notes.

Step #5. Be honest on how you plan to market the

CPA offers. The affiliate manager is looking for people

who can bring quality traffic to their offers.

Tell him that you plan to use those, but not limited to,

methods to drive traffic to the offers: email marketing,

video marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), blog, etc.

Inform the affiliate manager that you will be using

Media Buy such as PPC, Forum Marketing, Facebook

Ads, Google banner ads with content network with

direct linking and your website will not be an issue.

This simply means that your Media Buy campaign will

be sent directly to the cpa offer.

Step #6. Affiliate managers typically send email via

autoresponder to respond to your application.

Locate the phone number and call your affiliate

manager asap. If you can’t find the phone number try

to find it on the cpa network website.

Be prepare to receive a phone call from the affiliate

network to verify the information you’ve provided on

your application.

If you did not reach the affiliate manager over the

phone leave a message with your contact info and tell

him that you will call back later, be proactive.

Once you got the affiliate manager over the phone.

Smile! It will help you to be more “cool” your

conversation should begin like this:

“Hello, (his/her name). I just completed an

application on your cpa network and would like to

speak to you about getting my application


I would like to start directing targeted traffic to

your CPA offers as soon as possible.

I am already promoting affiliate offer but in the

form of digital product with clickbank mostly.

I heard that your network was offering high

converting offers and I would like to split test

some of your offer to see how well it convert for


Having an intro like that they will recognize the

language you are using.

The language of an experienced affiliate who are

serious about his business.


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  2. thanks Jason for your encouraging words.i will continue to do as you have said.


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