list of CPA offers

There are many types of CPA offers and the main difference between them, besides the product they are promoting and the commission, lies in the action that a prospect is required to take. The longer and more complicated the action a visitor has to take, the higher the commission will be.

E-mail Submits

The most simple CPA offers, e-mail submits simply require prospects to sign up with a valid email address for which you receive a commission. The payout is usually quite low per lead but the conversion rate is quite high because entering an email address is pretty easy. E-mail submits are great for beginners to get the hang of CPA because you can learn the ins and outs of the system but still make some decent money while you are learning.

Zip Submits

These are practically the same thing as e-mail submits except that prospects are required to enter a valid ZIP code.

Short Form Offers

These require slightly more information from leads than e-mail submits, including name, date of birth, gender and address. They usually don’t require prospects to sign up with their credit card details and the commission is somewhat higher than email or zip submits.

Long Form Offers

These are some of the most difficult CPA offers to promote as they require a lot of information, with prospects having to sometimes fill out a three page questionnaire. This obviously means that the conversion rate will be much lower, however, the commission is also much higher as prospects who stay to fill out the form are usually highly relevant and qualified leads.


These involve the prospect downloading software that contains advertising, however, it is not considered malware or spyware because it can be removed at any time. You get paid for every download of free software.

PIN Submits

These offers require the prospect to enter a mobile phone number, to which a PIN will be sent. They then have to enter the PIN and they can then download a ring tone, or will receive some other incentive. The commission ranges from $2 to $10 per PIN entry.

Free Trials

There has been a lot of negative publicity around free trials due to some advertisers employing less than honest practices. They would require a person to sign up with their credit card details to receive a so called free trial but they would then be automatically billed for more of the product or service without informing them that they would be rebilled.

However, there are still plenty of free trial offers available that conform to FTC regulations which state that a prospect needs to be clearly informed that they will be rebilled. Clients must also be able to easily cancel at any time.


ncentivized Offers

These are also an excellent choice for beginners, because advertisers essentially allow publishers to offer prospects an incentive to take the action. The incentive can be anything from free information to gifts or cash. For example, if you are promoting a CPA offer that pays out a $20 commission, you could offer a $10 gift card to your prospects in return for them signing up for the offer and you would still make a $10 profit per unit.


  1. The most simple CPA offers, e-mail submits simply require prospects to sign up with a valid email address for which you receive a commission. content locking


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