How to choose the best offer through market research

Once you have been accepted, the next step is to decide on an offer to promote. You need to consider factors such as the niche, conversion rate and the target market.

One important tip to remember is to stick to very hungry markets where a lot of money is spent, even if the competition is tough. Even though advice that you should stick to less competitive niches abounds, you need to stick to markets where there is money and traffic if you want it to be worth your while. While they may be competitive, niches like Forex, golf, credit cards and similar markets have a lot of traffic and money, which is where you too want to be.

Market Research

So, now you need to find those hungry markets but don’t worry, because finding a good niche is not difficult. There are plenty of places you can research for free and you will come up with lotsof potential niches to work with.

eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are two highly popular websites that will provide you with lots of information on which niches and products are extremely popular and selling well. Whilst eBay will give you information mainly on physical products, Amazon can also give you a good snapshot of the information market.

For example, with Amazon you can research the popularity of various hobbies, which is an area that people usually spend money without thinking too much about it. When people are passionate about something, rational thinking tends to fly out the window and Amazon can help you research those hobbies by looking at the magazine section. The more magazines dedicated to a certain niche, the more money people are willing to spend.

Both of these websites are also excellent sources for keywords, but that will be covered under the keyword research section.

Another valuable source of information is which is a site where people create and join groups based on anything from professional to personal interests and geographical location. It is an excellent place to research various niches and their feasibility because the more members a group has the more popular it is. If there are a large number of groups dedicated to a certain hobby or activity, then you can be sure that niche will be profitable.

Identifying the Offer & Testing Conversion Rates

You have two options when it comes to researching and choosing CPA offers to promote. You can either build your website around an existing CPA offer after you have done your research or you can look for an offer to match a niche you have already researched.

An excellent source to identify affiliate offers, which includes everything from traditional CPA offers to various affiliate programs, like Clickbank, is This website is essentially a directory for all offers online and you can search either by keyword or category. provides all the pertinent information about an offer, from action required to the level of the commission and even suggestions for keywords that can be used to promote the offer. It is also free, but you do need to create an account to be able to access the information. However, the time you save is definitely worth receiving a few emails from them per month.

Once you have picked out your offer, you need to test for conversion rates. You can ask your affiliate manager about conversion rates, but your best bet is to test it yourself. You can do this in one of two ways.

First, you can set up a website, drive traffic and then determine the conversion rates. While this may take a while, the advantage is that it doesn’t require much in the way of an investment. On the other hand, you can use a platform like Yahoo’s pay per click platform to quickly test conversion rates.

The advantage of using Yahoo over other PPC systems, like AdWords, is that Yahoo allows you to use affiliate links in your ads. This means you won’t have to build a website, drive traffic to it and then hope people click through to the CPA offer you are promoting. You will be driving traffic straight to the offer and it will prove a better and faster gauge of the offer’s conversion rates.

If you do decide to build your own website, you can use a traffic tracking system such as Google Analytics, to track your ad conversion rates. If you want more data than Google provides, you can also consider, a paid analytics tool that allows you to track every link you put out on the web and even individual actions visitors take on your website. This information is very useful for helping you increase your conversion rates.

Another search you should run to determine the degree of competition is to search for your keyword in the title of a site. This will reveal your true competition because entering a keyword in the title of a site is an important component of SEO which means that the site is most likely owned by an internet marketer. To conduct this search use the following string in Google: in title :your keyword here. You should focus on keywords that have maximum 10,000competing pages with the term in the title.

You can use either the free keyword research tool from Google, which is quite accurate and effective. However it can be time consuming which is why you should consider a paid keyword research tool. The latter will streamline your keyword research as it will provide all of the information you need from search volume to competing web pages. Some popular examples of paid keyword research tools are Keyword Elite and MarketSamurai (though the basic version of Market Samurai is free).