Creating a CPA campaign website using valuable content

Now that you have your niche, offer and keywords, it’s time to build your website. What is important to remember is that your website plays an important role in how well your traffic will convert. This means that you need to provide quality information and compelling content if you want your visitors to stick around and click through to the CPA offer.

You may be tempted by all the automated systems that allow you to gather information from other sites and add to your own, this isn’t exactly the best long term solution, nor is it a sustainable business model. The problem is that as soon as people see that your content makes little sense they will leave as fast as they can. So, even if you have thousands of pages indexed in the search engines, you could still be losing money.

You have to remember that your goal is to keep visitors on your site to increase the likelihood of them clicking through to the CPA offer which translates into you earning your commission. How likely are they to stick around if all you provide is garbage on your website? While you think you may be saving time and money by posting low quality content, you are, in fact, losing a whole lot more than you are saving.

This is simply because you will have to drive much more traffic to get the same results that top quality content would provide. Not only does this mean more time but it also means more money, especially if you are using paid traffic generation techniques.