How to increase adsense earnings

Add Pages
Expanding your site and adding pages should go hand in hand. However, expanding your site could just mean adding and refining content. It's important that you add pages with quality content as well. This increases your search engine ranking and gives more pages for AdSense ads.

Build a site per month
If you can't broaden your niche in order to place more ads on your site, build other sites. This gives you more pages to place ads on and, in turn, more revenue from AdSense. Just make sure you maintain quality content and your keywords are targeted to the content on each page as to get the most targeted ads possible.

Page Generators
Page generators can generate a page for you in seconds. This can save you time and allow you to instead spending your time creating quality content. All you do is turn text files into already highly optimized, ready to publish, web pages. You can supply the software with your AdSense codes as well.

Keep Your Site Focused
Don't stray from the focus of your site or let your ads stray either. The key here is target. You always want the target: the target audience, the target ad, and the target content. Don't stray from that. If you're a game site, you don't want to start offering dating advice and ads that relate to dating. Keep on the track you set yourself on, both for your site and AdSense. Nobody ever travels north by going south. Don't do that with your site.

Target Your Niche
Choose a broad niche for your site, then break it down into smaller niches. This is also site organization and will help you place better targeted ads. For example, if you have a Nokia themes site, break it down into sub niches: 3rd Edition symbian themes, 2nd Edition symbian themes, animated themes, java themes, etc. If you lump things together on one page and don't organize, you'll find that your CTR will be lower because your content is unorganized and scattered; therefore, your ads aren't as helpful to the visitor as you may think.

Don't Chase the Million Dollar Keywords
Don't try to compete with the experts for the $100 keyword. It may work from time to time, but you'll have more success with midrange keywords and less competition too. By using midrange keywords, you are more likely to achieve success over the long term. Remember that success in driving targeted traffic to your site by being ranked high in the search engines will increase your CTR with AdSense.
Let me give you some examples:

  • Structured settlements
  • Mesothelioma
  • Life Insurance
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Death Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Asbestos
  • Ecommerce
  • Dental Plans
  • Private Jets

Use Text Ads, not Image Ads
By far, more webmasters have had success with text ads and not image ads. They look more like part of the document and are more appealing to visitors. Feel free to experiment with both, but text ads blend into your site better and result in higher CTR.

Ad Placement
Many websites try to hide the fact they have ads. They put them at the bottom of the page or only have one or two that are so small, the rest of the page distracts from them. While it's okay not to want to bombard your visitors with the site of ads, those ads are also a crucial part of keeping your business functioning. If magazines tried to bury their ads under all the content, they wouldn't be in business for very long now, would they? Your site should be the same way. Place ads where they can easily be viewed and where they're visible to your visitors, like the site below did.

Viewing the Ads
Since AdSense ads are targeted to your audience, it should be easy to work them into a page so that they compliment the content. You don't want your ads to stand out, but instead, to blend into the page. Your AdSense ads should just be more information for your visitors. Think of it this way: by having targeted ads, you are doing them a favor and making their search a little easier. The ads will relate to your content, so they are going to be of some interest to your viewers. It's important to place those ads on the page where they can help your visitors.
Just remember, they should blend into your site. They should not stand out or be hidden. They are simply a part of the resources you offer your customers. If you think of them that way when you place them on the page, you're going to pick the right spot every time. You're giving your visitors more information that they might need. You're giving yourself more AdSense revenue because your visitors will be much more likely to click through the ad.

Where to Place the Ad
Of course, results will differ for different sites. Generally, wrapping blocks of AdSense ads in between blocks of quality content works well or placing them toward the top of the page works well and boosts CTR. Another suggestion is if you have links provided on the page, try placing your AdSense ads on top of them. Since attention is automatically drawn to links, having your ads above links will help to increase your CTR. Therefore, the AdSense ads easily blend in, not only to the design, but the information on the page as well. This site is an excellent example of successful SEO and AdSense knowledge.

Vertical Ads
Place vertical ads on the right side of the page. Most surfers tend to use their mouse to scroll down on the right side of the page; so placing your tower (or vertical) ads on the right gives it a higher chance of grabbing the visitor's attention.

Small Ads
Studies say that the upper right hand corner is the first spot on your site that someone sees. Try placing your small ads at the top right hand corner. Grab the visitor's attention when they first come to your site with your AdSense ads. If an ad interests them, they're still going to browse through your site, but they will come back to click through that ad.

Ad Format
Wider ads appeal to more visitors because they're easier to read. If something is easy to read, someone is more likely to take the time to read everything rather than just glancing at the first few words. However, it's important to balance your ads and the content on your pages. You'll discover that the way you think the ads should be for optimal CTR aren't always where they need to be. Monitor your ad placement versus CTR and you'll find the place and format that works best on each page.

Size of Ads
Again, you'll have to experiment on your site, but AdSense webmasters and insiders all seem to agree that the following ad sizes result in the higher CTR:
336 x 280 Large Rectangle, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 120 x 600 Skyscraper.
These formats are easy to read and attract attention.

Color of Ads
Remember it's very important for the ads to blend into your site. Use the same background color for your ads that you use on your site. However, don't forget to change the color of the links to match as well. This helps blend them even more.

Amount of Ads
If you ever go through sales training for a job, you'll learn that the customer has to trust you in order to buy from you. This isn't any different with a website. It's hard to build credibility when you don't have the chance to meet them in person and let them see your smile or get to know you a bit, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.
Too many ads on a site are the equivalent of spam in email. If your page has too many ads, it makes every ad you have less credible. Instantly, your customers do not feel like you are trustworthy, and they'll probably leave your site immediately for fear of adware being installed on their computer. Your site should be about the content, not about ads.
If your site is getting a lot of traffic, you're going to be very successful with targeted ads from AdSense. Stick with it and don't participate in every popular ad bank out there. It will cost you ad revenue because it will make you less credible.

Type of Ads
If you're going to display other ads in addition to AdSense ads, be sure those ads are just as credible because, again, people have to trust you to some degree to click through. If you're advertising free adult shows on your homemade jewelry site, nobody is going to trust any of the ads you're displaying. AdSense targeted ads help build confidence and trust. Don't discredit yourself by placing any ad that you can find on your site. It will only cost you a high CTR. If you want to put other ads on your site and on a page with AdSense ads, make sure it's not against Google's TOS before doing so.

Ads on Multiple Pages
Having AdSense ads on more than one page can increase your CTR, but also adds more interesting information to your site and offers more selection. Ads can be placed on forum pages, article pages, and even merchandise pages if placed correctly. Having different AdSense ads on different pages offers your visitors more options. Of course, they are all targeted ads, so you are providing them a service while increasing your revenue.
Reduce Your Filter List

While your AdSense filter list filters out unwanted content, if your list gets too large, it filters out the number of ads that can appear. Instead of blocking a top-level domain from appearing, only block the exact pages you don't want.

Search Box
Put a Google search box on your site. You'll be doing a service for your customers by allowing them to search from your site, but you'll also be paid for every ad they click through on the results page. This is an excellent way to let your visitors find the ad that they want to click through. How much easier can it get? They're searching for something that they're determined to find; you provide the vehicle for them to find it and be paid for helping them. Go to Google and check out their AdSense for Search program.

Ads that don't look like Ads
Take away the border and background colors of your AdSense ads. These make them stand out as ads rather than information your visitors will be interested in. As said earlier, your ads should blend into the page. By making them appear as information you're providing, you're giving them another point of interest rather than an ad that many people might shy away from.

Treat AdSense Like a Business
Your AdSense ads are not just ads you are displaying on your age in hopes of making a few extra cents. Many webmasters enjoy thousands of dollars a month and more in revenue from AdSense. Those webmasters, however, treat it like a business of its own. They monitor traffic and where it comes from, key phrases that draw in more traffic. Don't just track your site's content, product, or service success. Track AdSense as well and make it work for you.

Talk to Other Webmasters
Google and private individuals offer several forums where AdSense Webmasters can discuss their success or shortcomings with the program. The day you sign up to participate in AdSense, sign up for at least one of these discussion groups as well. The more experienced members will provide tips and strategies that have worked for them, and might work for you too. It's important to listen to the Webmasters who are receiving high clickthrough rates. The benefits to your AdSense experience and your revenue depend on it.

Stay UptoDate On AdSense
Read and pay attention to all updates you receive about Google's AdSense. Knowledge is power; it also can translate into more clicks and revenue. Take the time every now and then to do a search for AdSense articles. Since AdSense is the most popular advertising program on the 'net, Webmasters and SEO experts like to write about it frequently. There may be a tip you can use to increase your revenue.

Visit other AdSense Webmasters' Sites
If you read about someone who is earning a lot of money with AdSense and seems to know how to get a high CTR, visit his or her site. Look at how their ads are placed in relation to their content. What are they doing different than you? Of course, what works for one site may not work for yours, but taking into consideration what's working for others can only benefit you. If you have questions, email the Webmaster. Address them by name so they know you're not spamming them and include a URL to your site. They may be able to provide a lot of insight.

Use AdSense Tracker
As you move the ads on your page or make other changes, follow your CTR using your AdSense tracker. Note the changes you've made and when you've made them. This enables you to see what works and what does not work.

Move the Ads
Sometimes return visitors only see what's new or what's changed. Move your ads from time to time, especially if you notice your CTR dropping. More often than not, you'll see an increase again as those same return visitors notice something in a different place and actually start to click through the same ads they didn't "see" last week.

Automatic Insertion of AdSense Codes
If your web server supports SSI, you can create an adsense.txt file for your ads and upload it to the root directory of your website. Then, just call the code on other pages using SSI.

Few Competing Hyperlinks
If you provide links to other products and services on your site, make sure they don't compete with your AdSense ads. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice CTR because you've provided the visitor with so many choices, they didn't choose the ads on your page.

Build a Discussion Group
As you know, repeat visitors are who sustains your traffic. Without them, once you saturated your targeted market, there wouldn't be any visitors. They are the ones interested in your site and what it offers and return often for updates.
Create an online community for your site where your visitors can interact. Create topics that relate to your site. This will get more visitors returning, some even more than once a day!

Use Pictures
By using an AdSense banner ad with small pictures above it that relate to the ads, you are not violating Google's TOS, but you are drawing attentions to the ads. Google does not yet have a problem with this as long as you do not use animated pictures or Flash.

Give the Ads Space
Leave a lot of free space around the ads. Even though you want the ads to blend in with your page, you also want them to be noticeable. Giving them plenty of free space allows the visitor's attention to be drawn to them. You just have to direct their attention. Once a visitor reads that ads, since the ads are targeted, there's a good chance they'll click through.

Use Eyetracking
In general, people scan a web page the same way every time, no matter what site they visit. Tracking these habits can help Webmasters place important content, or even AdSense ads, right where visitors will most likely see it.

Experiment with Colors
Experiment with the colors you use on your page and where the colors are placed. It could be that some of your colors divert your attention away from your AdSense ads or, hopefully, to the ads. Use AdSense Tracker and your site states to see which colors are helping to increase your CTR.

how to generate free traffic

1) Create a SQUIDOO lens. Get FREE traffic by linking your Squidoo lens back to your Website or Blog. You can do this by adding your articles, then adding appropriate links.
You can also add your Website's RSS feed to your Squidoo Lens. Create as many free lenses as you want and even add your affiliate banners and links to them.
I use Squidoo's revenue share system by adding their Amazon & eBay modules for a 50/50 commission split. You will also receive commission on their Google Adsense ads. You can of course add your own links to Amazon & eBay & you can add links to your PPC & CPA offers if you wish.
Overall, Squidoo lenses rank quite well on Google, if you optimize them properly with lots of good quality keywords. Don't forget to include your keyword in the title of your lens.. You can also add as many tags to each lens as you want - Score 10/10

2) Facebook Fan/Like Page -Traffic Swaps - Nowadays you can exchange just about anything, traffic is no exception. I'm not talking about untargeted traffic through dubious Ad schemes. I'm talking about contacting the owners of similar Facebook Fan/Like Pages or groups and offering to mention their Fan Pages either/or on your own personal wall or on your own Fan Page.
Also you can mention their Fan page to your Facebook friends in exchange for them doing exactly the same. Always set your Fan Page Welcome tab to default view - this should contain your list opt-in details. A perfect way to get targeted traffic, all for free. Score 9/10

3) Blog Sharing - You can syndicate your Blog to automatically appear on Facebook whenever you publish a post, this is done through a free system called Networked Blogs - your post can also be syndicated to your Facebook Fan/Like page,old style Facebook Group & your twitter accounts. When Network Blogs syndicate this, this will create an instant burst of traffic to your Blog as it will appear on your wall - for all your Facebook friends to see. You will also go viral as viewers through networked Blogs are given the option to share, comment, vote or tweet it on Twitter. Score 9/10

4) YouTube - Video Marketing. Creating free videos that have useful content is a great way for creating a viral traffic share system. what I mean by this is if you create a useful video, for example - "How to Clean Up Your Desktop - people can relate to this video, as plenty of people have messy desktops. They will find the information in the video useful and pass it on if, actively encouraged to do so. How do you encourage people to do this for you?
a) Provide great, USEFUL content.
b) ASK Them to pass it on... yes, believe me this works. If you use Camtasia, put a slide in the last few frames of the video saying something like "If you found this Video useful, why not pass it on, I'm sure your friends would love to know how to " Keep their desktops clean", or whatever it is you make your video about.
Don't forget to include a visual link to your website in the last few frames (if you have Camtasia) and a click-able link on You Tube to show underneath the video (very important).
If you don't have Camtasia, don't worry - I have made over 30 videos just using a cheap FLIP Camcorder just speak the words... "If you found this video useful, please share this video with your friends", into your camcorder, in the last few seconds.
Put your videos on You Tube, Facebook, also share on other Social Networks including the many video sharing sites. Score. 8/10.

5) Guest Blogging - Find highly ranked, high traffic Blogs (Check Alexa) in your Niche, contact the owners and ask them if you can submit a Blog post, tell them how beneficial your unique content will be to their readers...
It's good for the Blog owners as they have many varied articles by different authors, and it's good for the person who guest Blogs as they get links back to their Website or Blog. Score 8/10

6) Forum Marketing - This is often overlooked as a viable traffic method, but when used correctly can bring you almost INSTANT results.. Offering USEFUL advice in reply to a person's post in a thread that you have some working knowledge of can, providing you have a click-able signature set up - produce another great source of free traffic, especially when used in high traffic forums.
Don't just post a simple "good post" in reply to a post. - actually try to solve the person's problem, this will also attract comments to your reply, just keep replying to the replies and the thread will grow & grow and the views to your signature will follow suit. Score 7/10

7) Blog Commenting - Again, go for high traffic Blogs, post useful comments in reply to a specific post. Your replies should offer a good insight into the content of the original post. use good keywords in your reply. Leave your website address in the post & comment regularly.
If your comments are useful, the blog owner may end up contacting you in the end to act as a guest Blogger.. Keep the comments coming, people love comments, if they are good - people will click your link and want to know more about you. Score 7/10

8) Create FREE Reports & Give them Away. create a free report on an in demand topic, this could be a short report of just a couple of pages or more. Convert it into a pdf file (read with adobe), and share it. By creating free reports of value and linking them back to your Web Page or Blog, you will get traffic, you can also encourage people to share your free report with friends via email. I do this with free reports containing affiliate links, it does work. Score 7/10

9) Only Wire - I use Only Wire to distribute my Articles, Videos & Blog posts. Only Wire is a down-loadable submission tool which is free and you can submit your content to up to 42 different Social Network sites in a matter of seconds (you need to join the sites you want to submit to) - Score 7/10

10) Link Exchange - Approach the owners of high traffic Blogs & Websites to exchange links with you. They can only say no. Some will, some won't. You never know if you don't try. Score 7/10

11) Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click advertising can definitely drive very well targeted traffic to your website, but is it "cheap"? If you are careful it can be. Be on the look out for discount vouchers for free advertising - that is certainly free! But when you set up your campaign select the cheaper keywords that have less traffic. OK, you are not getting as many hits, but the cost is almost nothing, whereas if you pay for expensive high traffic terms it will be very expensive.
But no matter what you say or think about it, lots of website owners use Pay Per Click to drive lots of traffic to their website and it is this traffic that generates an income. If you are careful about how you start off your campaigns and build them slowly, although they might be quite pricey after a while, that is hopefully as you are reinvesting your profits in extending your advertising.

12) PopUps
Cheap these may be and I included them here to provide a complete run down. However, these days they just do not work. Buying Expired Domain Traffic was supposed to be the next big thing and was often sold alongside PopUps, but that I also found to be useless. Cheap it is, traffic generating it is not.

13) Pay For A Mention
Choose carefully where you pay and this does not need to be too expensive. Here we are not talking about banner adverts with low click through rates, we're talking about asking bloggers to give you a mention on their blog. How much it will cost depends on how you find the link, from approaching the blogger directly (usually quite expensive), or using a cheap third party.
Again this is a form of promotion in which you have to be very careful. Select your blog that you are getting mentioned on carefully so that their readers might be interested in your website and take time to make sure that the site does get plenty of traffic. There are loads of blogs out there that are selling links that do not actually get traffic.

14) Pay For SEO
Lastly, and again this can turn out to be expensive if you are not careful, is to pay for someone to search engine optimise your website. A well optimised website through someone who does the job properly will send you search engine traffic for a long time. You can also do this for yourself, which is completely free, it just takes you some of your time to sort it out