Getting Website Traffic

Need to get some traffic to your new website?

  1. Get your site indexed by submitting to some authority sites

  1. Article Submissions

  1. Directory Submissions [inc. Blog Directories]

  1. RSS Submissions

  1. Blog Comment

  1. Video Submissions

  1. Social Bookmarking

  1. Traffic Widgets for blogs

  1. Press Releases

  1. Blog Carnivals

I’ll be running through each of them in future blog posts, but to get things rolling we’ll cover the first straight away, as it’s really quite simple.

1. Getting your new website indexed
There’s actually two things I recommend doing to get any new website indexed, the first is to simply submit your website to the backlinks tool here: -
Follow the instructions on the page and your site should be picked up within a few hours and end up getting indexed in Google from one or more of the 20 authority sites that it now has backlinks from.
Feel free to use this script for any sites you have, this is totally “White Hat” and won’t get your site in to any trouble with Google or the other search engines.
The second thing to do is to make sure your site has a sitemap that Google can find and recognize/read.
If you have a WP blog then this really is a piece of cake, simply grab and install the XML sitemap plugin that you can find here: -

If your site isn’t a WordPress blog then you’ll need some sort of sitemap creation tool/software, the best one that I’ve fou8nd is the GSiteCrawler that you can grab for free here: -
Simply plugin your url and upload the files it creates once it’s finished spidering your site.